Emotional experience is the end goal today for any product to success – Emotionally intelligent design

Have you ever experienced that you had a first look at a product and want to explore it or purchase it? There are multiple apps, websites in the digital world. But why a few apps/websites attract immediately?

Why? And how it happens?

It takes 50ms for a user to make first impression for a website. User experience starts even before any read or click. It’s based on the emotional reaction of a user for a website. Emotions are often underrated in user experience that causes failure.

For any product be it digital or any other type, positive or negative emotional response is generated in split- second.

Visceral Design Experience

Three levels of users’ opinion formation for a product

Visceral: First level of experience that engage user or trigger emotions to love or have it. It may remind user a smell, feel, appearance or anything to associate it with past positive and happy experience. Human has very little control on their visceral response as it is less based on logical reasoning and more on subconscious reaction based on appearance.

Behavioural: Second level of experience where opinion is formed while using the product. Positive or negative impression is based on users’ experimentation with product not on preconception. An easy to use product without any impediment forms a positive impression at this level. User feels smarter in using the product as it’s easy and fun for him.

Reflective: Third level of experience starts when user has used the product once and already felt visceral and behaviour experience of a product. For example when user leaves a website or an application; can user recall the experience and easily describe it as a story? If yes, it’s a positive experience and user will come back.

Three Design Level Description

Combining all three design levels

Appearance is one level of design; the visceral level that captures users’ attention. Behaviour level keeps the user engage with easy interactions and reflective level makes sure of long-term impact of design that starts from visceral and behaviour level.

Three different levels of experience plays vital role from capturing attention of the user to making him loyal for a product. It’s an emotional journey of user that entices user for a product by minimizing users’ pain points and maximizing their satisfaction. By Dropping the focus on emotions of user at any level leads to failure.

How all three design levels work

Author: Gopal Juneja

A UX/UI enthusiast living in India Delhi having 18+ years of industry experience to use in beautiful design and handsome front end coding.

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