How much research is required to design persona?

It’s a well-known statement that “UX without research is not UX” If any design decision is not based on research, it’s not UX. It’s purely the designer’s perception which may be risky for the product. Persona plays a vital role in the product journey, each and every pointer of persona should be chosen carefully and … Continue reading “How much research is required to design persona?”

Designing for peripheral vision

Brain guides the eye to look from one place to another place and peripheral vision helps in it as peripheral vision attracts the foveal (central) vision, “where to look”. Peripheral vision cannot get detailed information like color, size and shape, but it has strength like movement, contrast and sound. A designer can engage user by … Continue reading “Designing for peripheral vision”

Emotional experience is the end goal today for any product to success – Emotionally intelligent design

Have you ever experienced that you had a first look at a product and want to explore it or purchase it? There are multiple apps, websites in the digital world. But why a few apps/websites attract immediately? Why? And how it happens? It takes 50ms for a user to make first impression for a website. … Continue reading “Emotional experience is the end goal today for any product to success – Emotionally intelligent design”

Electroencephalography (EEG) in UX Design

Adoption of scientific techniques in User Experience is not new. Eye tracker is being used in user testing for long time. It is getting more advancement by the efforts of companies like Emotiv, Neurosky and Braingineers. These companies are working on neuro marketing research. Marketing strategy has changed as now we are able to capture … Continue reading “Electroencephalography (EEG) in UX Design”